Wednesday, 17 April 2013

I've been printing a lot recently for a new exhibition of my work that will open next Thursday at Reading Frenzy in Portland, This will be a part of the Stumptown festival which i'm very excited to be attending.
Above are a few photos of some of the new prints alongside some shots of them being made. They are a selection of Lino cuts, Lithographs and Screenprints, - printed both at work in the print studios, and at home in the evening (when I ran out of time in the day).
I'l post a fuller set of these prints at some point in the future.


Lucy Haslam said...

Beautiful! It's so great as well to see the development of Dolphin Cafe.

Babatai said...

On the first picture, the bird looks like shark fin. Funny

Beidi Guo said...

These Prints are amazing! I really touched by the lonesome tranquil atmosphere they delivered. I did a short course of print making while back in my foundation course , now I'm thinking to take some evening course again,shame that I live in London otherwise will surely go to your studio ( or course). Thank you again for these wonderful landscape , they really inspire me !

Marine Rivoal said...

Amazing ! You're lino print is so nice !